A Great and Tantalizing Gala (WIP)

“Miss, an invitation has come,”

“For what this time?” She asked, bored with mail.  So much mail. And according to her father, she had to be nice. Husband didn’t mind, but he wasn’t here and her father didn’t deserve the lip that she should have given someone who asked her to do that.

The girl stood in front of her miss and smiled. “A ball. The ball of all balls. And the invitation was by Sir Edward Jonathan.”

“Give it here,” Sir Edward Jonathan was her dearest friend when she was younger. He challenged her in the best way possible.  He showed her what it was to be proud of who she was and not just for the silly dresses.  Though, those were also okay to be proud of too.  She smiled when she read the invitation.  Dancing at the Royal Ball was a delight and one she would be going to.  “Brynne, I must get ready.  I’m going out.”

“Where are you going, miss?”

“Shopping.” She smiled and looked to Brynne. “I can’t go to the Royal Ball in any of the dresses I have. And quite frankly, neither can you.  We must have new things. Pretty things. The best for the Royal Ball.”

“I’m coming, Miss?”

“Of course you are, Brynne. We must keep appearances. You are my companion.” Brynne raised her eyebrow. She knew the relationship between Lady and Sir Edward Jonathan was a private relationship, one that she assumed the Master knew about. “Will that be a problem, Brynne?”

“Not at all, Lady Leighanna.” Brynne said, curtseying. “I will not be a problem in the least to go with you, Miss.”

“Good, now I must dress to be out in public.” Leighanna said as she strutted to her dressing room.

“Of course, Miss.” Brynne replied, softly, and followed after Lady Leighanna. She did not know how Master loved such a headstrong woman, but it was not her place to say of such things.  Her place was to be background.  Lady Leighanna was born to be in the spotlight.  

Brynne crossed her arms in front of her when she entered the room.  Lady did not notice her come in and it was to be expected.  Lady Leighanna would sit when it suited her and the only time it would suit her was when she had picked her own clothes out, quite unlike any other woman that she had known. She had been a Lady’s maid to many other Ladies and they were all content with her skill in picking fashions out, but the dear Lady Leighanna had her own mind and it was hers to make all decisions.

It took longer today than it normally did. There was much looking to find the perfect dress to go out into town with.  She would be seen by many people and going dress shopping people had to know her style.  Leighanna was always so particular about the way others perceived.  She doubted that those in the upper class saw how much thought Leighanna put into it all, but the woman wasn’t unintelligent, that much was certain.

[Movie Club] Nina (FeliciaNight) Reviews: Saved! (by VloggedLifeNina)


Our resident Broke Geeks teach you how to keep up with your favorite television shows without having to pay for cable in their first G&S vlog!

My video about the casting news today for the tfios movie. 

I love Meg Turney and this video is all the things I love about her.  Her attitude about everything just brings with it a blessed atmosphere and I think it really works when she’s talking about this.  

Her argument is essentially against the same thing that Nerd girls come up against all the time.  There is no one way to be in a fandom or a community and just because you do it a certain way, doesn’t mean that it isn’t alright for someone else to do it another way.  And I love that.  I love all of the sentiment of that. I think it’s beautiful. 

There is also some very real talk about Youtube commenters and trolly comments in general and I think Meg is a really good source of inspiration for that.  So thank you Meg Turney.  Thank you for being awesome.

Sharing with people.

This is my official blog and this is also where I will be sharing videos I really love, and I will generally try and take the time to make a comment about why I love a video.  If I share a video, it’s either mine or someone I really admire and support.  So this is my official launch of this again.  It’s been here for awhile, but I haven’t really done anything with it and I’m gonna try and get back into the swing of things.

Farewell, Montana (by thebrainscoop)

This is a really great video that tells the story of Emily who is leaving her beloved Museum at the University of Montana and going on to bigger and better things.  But it’s not all happy because the Museum’s future is uncertain and Emily has put a lot of love and care into it. 

I love this video, not because it’s short or I really get the fascination with dead animals, but in the passion that one woman has for it.  She started out as a Studio Art student and then went on to find her passion.  Also with the publicity of this channel, she’s getting to follow her dreams and there will be much more to come.

I have been watching Emily for a while now, but I haven’t properly been showing my support.  Thank you for keeping people interested in science.  Thank you for an awesome video.  And I hope everything works out.

I have been thinking a lot and I just need to get the words out there.  I’m 21 and beautiful. I love my life.  But there are things I could be doing better. I wish I was doing better at times.  And I’m constantly aware of the fact that I’m not doing better.

One of the great things though about my life is that I don’t have a child. I know that a lot of people at my point in life want kids and that is fabulous. Fabulous for them. And a lot of them have kids and that is even better for them.

But this is one thing that I have never really told anyone about. I got told that I would be having kids at this point a lot when I was younger. And I hated that thought. I don’t want kids. And I didn’t think I could take care of them. And there was nothing good ever coming with that.  And so I internalized all of these emotions.

But my life is my life. I have people who love me. I have people who care. I’m not making terrible choices.  And I don’t need children. I do not need those voices anymore telling me that I’m wrong for having all of the emotions that I have that don’t want kids.

Just because my mother had me the day before she turned twenty, does not mean that life is a right kind of life for me. I love my mom. I love the life she gave me. I am incredibly myself and this is just one of those things that I have been so incredibly insecure about and I don’t need to be anymore.

I refuse your legitimacy. I am pro choice. I don’t want babies. And that’s okay. Time to close the book on this chapter and start a new one that makes me happy.

Captain’s Log - Week 5, Day 4 - Youtube

So it’s always interesting to talk about fridays.  Because for right now anyway, I don’t really do anything on them.  I mean I love it. I do. I just don’t do anything.  I get to talk to Jon.  I make sure that things are good.  But I did a video and it seems to be going well.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is.  It’s about the things that I’ve loved in January, just a few of them.  And I also talk about my problems.  Which is always a delight.  Still, it’s a really good video and I really like doing these kind of favorite videos.  Maybe I’ll end up doing those some more. 

And one of the other things I did was catch up on my Youtube Subscriptions which is something that I definitely really loved doing. I’m subscribed to amazing people but I don’t get the best time to watch all of them.

There are a lot of things that I’m currently working on, but for me, I’m just enjoying the moment right now.

Captain’s Log - Week Five, day 3 - Emotions

Filled the emotions, I go from happy to sad on a regular basis. 

While having things to say about this fact, I just want to kind of touch base on some of the things that went down in the last couple of days.

  • I watched some great acting on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • Also the Lizzie Bennet Diaries fandom exploded
  • I got extremely mad because my bag broke and is hurting my shoulders
  • College books are extremely heavy
  • Talking about the guy in my life makes me one of the happiest people on the planet
  • My mom invited him to the annual “Love Stinks and Ice Cream” hurrah that we have every valentine’s day
  • I had to walk someone through how to send an email.  It took ten minutes.
  • My best friend is pretty much the best thing in the world
  • Also I hate applying for jobs.  It is the worst thing in the entire world.
  • I’m not entirely familiar with rejection so that is kind of interesting

Basically these among many things sparked a thought in me, an emotion in me and yeah, it’s just been kind of a hectic time.  I don’t know how many of these will be posted, but I’m really glad that I’m doing them.